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BigBlogExchange wins 1st place in Marketing Innovation

International Marketing Done Right! I am happy to share that Hostelling International’s Big Blog Exchange won 1st place in the WYSE Travel Confederation’s Global Youth Travel Awards for marketing innovation. It was wonderful to take part in something that was so well organized and thought out, and I think that they were aptly rewarded for their efforts. Their campaign was global ... Read More »

A Road Trip Through Aragon

Aragon, España A road trip to me is always one of the greatest signs of freedom. Road trips are a great way to explore any place as you get to make more stops and detours than you would with any regular bus or train route. In fact, sometimes it is necessary to have a car to make it to some ... Read More »


Learning about Aragon A stay in Zaragoza, Aragon’s primate city Nestled between Spain’s northern coastal region Basque country and the infamous Catalunya, is a region called Aragon. The name Aragon, commonly associated in pop culture with fictional tales such as the Lord of the Rings, is a region of superior significance to Spain and its establishment as a sovereign nation. ... Read More »

Eco Tourism Spain Deltebre

More than just tourism Learning the land from a Master in Deltebre La Cava The delta for the Ebro river is a region of southern Catalunya, which is of significant economic, cultural, and traditional importance to the Catalan people. The local folklore and musical traditions trace their roots back hundreds of years to many of the historical tales of the ... Read More »


Kayak Catalunya For my final destination in Catalunya I recently visited the city of Deltebre in southern Catalunya. Deltebre is a word that derives its name from the words delta and l’ebre. Delta meaning exactly that, the delta of a river, and l’ebre being the Catalan name for the river Ebro. The Ebro river runs from northern Spain to Deltebre where ... Read More »

Sant Joan de les Abadesses

Un pueblo de La Ruta del Ferro, Alberg Ruta del Ferro, El Monestario, y Count Arnau Sant Joan de les Abadesses Sant Joan es un pueblo que está muy cerca de la ciudad Ripoll. Hay cuentos que dicen que Sant Joan es un nucleo de las origéns de la cultura Catalana.  El monasterio en Sant Joan es un de las ... Read More »

Valle de Nuria

Wild Horses, Vacas, and True Beauty Recounting Valle de Nùria Spain and the highest hostel in Europe When I think of reasons to get off the beaten path in Spain I can think of few more places to recommend than the Valle de Nuria in Catalunya. Nùria is one of those places that mesmerizes you with its beauty. Everywhere you look nature ... Read More »


Learning about Girona I have passed through Girona a few times in the past as it is a popular airport for people on their way to Barcelona. Even though I have heard good things about it, I never got the opportunity to actually visit the city until now. Getting to know Girona has been pleasant as I really had no ... Read More »

Snorkeling and Kayaking in Costa Brava

Excursion in Costa Brava: Kayaking and Snorkeling in Costa Brava Llança (Catalunya) In the past when I have visited Spain and Catalunya, I have always wanted to go on a nature excursion. Recently while traveling in Catalunya, I decided to head up to a small coastal town called Llança to fulfill this desire. Llança, as I found, is a peaceful little town ... Read More »

Arriving in Llança

Llança Espanya A good spot for resting After completing my quick but dense pass through Barcelona, I have now moved on to my first new city in Catalunya. Llança is officially the first city outside of Barcelona in Catalunya that I have visited. The culture and language of Catalunya is very interesting to me and I look forward to seeing ... Read More »

Touring Hostels in Barcelona

Checking out different Barcelona Hostels I first arrived in Barcelona just a few days ago. It is a city that I hold to a very high esteem as I have so many fond memories in. During the summer, there is no Mediterranean city I’d rather visit. People come from all over Europe, and the world for that matter, to visit ... Read More »

Back to Barcelona!

O Barcelona Everytime I come to Barcelona there is something new to see. That is one of the reasons that I love this city so much. There is an energy about this city that you cannot find in every city. Barcelona is a very artistic city in the heart of the region of Catalunya. Barcelona is to me a smaller ... Read More »


What is Benicássim like? When I first heard about Benicássim, I like most outsiders thought it to be a strange fitting name to be so close to Valencia. In fact, I did not know about the city until a friend sent me a link about a huge music festival there called FIB. Benicássim turned out to be a surprising little ... Read More »

Buenos Recuerdos/Bons Records

Good Memories Are challenging to repeat As a traveler, we are often left reflecting on the memories of the many places that we have been or the variety of people that we have met. The good times, the tired times, the incredible even, but one never knows what it will be like to return to a city especially after leaving ... Read More »

Learning the Valenciano Way

Valencia, España O Espanya, diria jo. I am currently wrapping up my tour through Valencia. It seems that even though I just entered the region that I am already exiting it. I have seen so many wonderful places as they seem to be endless in Spain. Every region offers similar Spanish culture, yet distinctly different regional tendencies and in some ... Read More »

Blogger Manifesto

Reflecting on the Big Blog Exchange As part of the Big Blog Exchange project, I was asked to put together a Manifesto of my experiences. So I thought that a nice way to piece together this article would be to do a bit of a reflection and recounting of my Exchange period. I was sent to Spain as an exchange ... Read More »

Highlights of Andalucia – Getting to know Junta de Andalucia

Remembering Andalucia A few highlights plus a look at the organization that hosted me Continuing in my current tour of Spain with REAJ, I have finally arrived in the Community of Valencia. Reflecting over my last few weeks, my thoughts instantly drive me to some great experiences all over the beautiful region of Andalucia, also known as Al Andalus. Andalucia ... Read More »

A Beautiful Sight – Moraira

Moraira Spain I just left the city of Moraira yesterday. Moraira is a Spanish coastal city that is slightly of the traditional path. It is located in the region of Valencia, just outside the city of Teulada. Moraira is a popular destination for ex-pats (mainly English, German, and Russian) who have played a major part in the construction of the ... Read More »

Alhambra an Arabian Masterpiece

Alhambra الحمراء Deriving its name from an Arabic word, meaning “the red”, Granada’s Alhambra is a mystic beauty of an Arabian palace. The palace is situated on a hill, which overlooks the city. Alhambra’s name comes from the reddish tint that is clearly visible on the stones that were used to build the palace. Its perfection in everything from architecture ... Read More »

Overlooking Murcia Spain

Murcia Spain A Few Thoughts on Murcia Spain and Quick Guide (Below) One of the nice things about staying in Spain for two months is the fact that I get to visit some places that are not normally visited. In fact, that is one of the interesting things about staying in any country longer. People typically go to a country ... Read More »

Águilas… Well Worth The Effort

Don’t Pass Up A Challenge It might be worth it. There is something to be said about the good things in life. Really, if you’ve ever wondered about why you enjoy things so much better when they do not come so easily, then it is definitely because the harder you work for something the better the reward. I was reminded ... Read More »

Enjoying Santa Monica

I’m back in Madrid, and this trip was wonderful! A unique experience! I spent my last days enjoying Santa Monica which I really loved it! Santa Monica is a town located in Los Angeles. It has different neighborhoods but it’s famous for its amazing white sand beach, healthy people, green business and huge houses located on its mountains. You will ... Read More »

The contrasts of San Francisco

It’s been two days since I left San Francisco and I already miss it. It’s a city full of contrasts between the magnificent bridges, beautiful neigbrhoods but a big social problem. Hostelling International encourages visitors to volunteer in order to help homeless eating everyday. It’s a very good cause and they really need it. It’s overwalming to see how so ... Read More »

Green and Sustainable Hostels

I’ve been to Hostels before, but I could never imagine that some of them are really conscious of making the world a better place through programs of awareness and respect for the environment. I was so lucky to know personally two of the most green and sustainable hostels in the United States. As its motto says, Hostelling International was created ... Read More »

A perfect day surrounded by nature

Today was simply amazing! I got up early and went to the Civic Center area of San Francisco to pick up my rental car that happened to be a great Chrysler. I drove with a map through the stunning Highway 1 along the coast, enjoying the views of the beaches and cliffs. Finally I arrived to my first destination: Año ... Read More »

Amazing Boston

The days I spent in Boston were amazing! It’s a wonderful city where I think I could live in. And I’m sure I will come back. I could discover the famous Freedom Trail and its 16 most important points. It’s imposible to miss, just have to follow the red line! The trail starts at Boston Common, one of the most ... Read More »

Big Blog Exchange Experience: First Impressions

A trip I’ve been waiting for months, planning, reading about each destination in order to squeeze the most of this experience. On Thursday I was nervous, finishing my suitcase; I couldn’t forget anything important: my computer to write every moment of the trip, my camera with which I will take pictures of monuments, people, landscapes… and I always carry with ... Read More »

Guide to My Country for Sara

To my readers: This is a guide for Sara Rodriguez who will be my exchange partner for Hostelling International’s BigBlogExchange. Starting on Friday (June 7th), we will be simultaneously embarking on a new adventure to each other’s country. Sara, who is from Spain, will be visiting the United States (Boston, LA, and San Francisco). I will be visiting Spain. I ... Read More »

Big Blog Exchange by Mindful Travel BySara

Today you’re going to read a different post and know a different writer: Big Blog Exchange by Mindful Travel BySara. First of all, I will introduce myself. I’m Sara Rodriguez, Spanish blogger who loves travel and photography. I write on my blog about my experiences, tips and feelings over 27 countries around the world. A suitcase, a camera and lots ... Read More »

An Alligator Ate My T-Shirt

BigBlogExchange Begins Friday! What Louisiana story would be more complete without the inclusion of me with some alligator shenanigans? Today I am going to tell you a story that I just couldn’t make up. Seriously, this is true. Well, Friday is the big day. I will be beginning my new adventure with Hostelling International’s BigBlogExchange and flying off to Madrid, ... Read More »