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Interviews with linguists and language lovers

Interview with Luca Lampariello on languages

Introduction: Hailing from Roma, Italia, Luca Lampariello is an electrical engineer by trade, but a language lover by passion. He has spent nearly twenty years studying foreign languages and blogs regularly about his methods for learning languages online. Recently, Luca has been working on his book and attending different conferences such as the Polyglot Conference in Berlin. I think that ... Read More »

Interview with Randy Hunt of Yearlyglot

Introduction: Today I introduce to you Randy Hunt, of Randy has worked up a passion for all things international since he was a child and has taken on the goal of becoming a cosmopolitan citizen of the world. His drive to learn about other cultures and Peoples has helped to propel his development in learning languages. He holds true ... Read More »

Interview with John Fotheringham of Language Mastery

Introduction: Meet John Fotheringham. Currently residing in Los Angeles, John has spent considerable time writing and working on his website while learning new languages. His website,, focuses mostly on helping adult learners in language acquisition although language learners of all levels will find his articles interesting and thought-provoking. Focusing mainly on several East Asian languages, John, has also dabbled ... Read More »

Interview with Sam Gendreau of Lingholic

Introduction: Sam is a polyglot, writer, and M.A. student in International Affairs behind the website He’s been passionate about learning languages for over 6 years, and since his addiction started, he’s never looked back once. From Korean to Chinese, including Spanish and Portuguese along the way, Sam has gained considerable experience in the acquisition of foreign languages. Read more about Sam ... Read More »

Interview with Language Lover Ellen Jovin

Introduction: Ellen is a grammar freak, a former freelance writer, and a founder and principal of Syntaxis, a communication skills training firm based in New York City. She has a B.A. in German from Harvard and an M.A. in comparative literature from UCLA. Ellen lives with her husband, Brandt Johnson, in a wildly polylingual apartment building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and ... Read More »

Linguist Interview with Olly Richards

Introduction: Olly is an ardent language learner with a strong desire to teach you another language. With his website and new eBook, he teaches people his insight on learning a foreign language quickly and efficiently. With 7 languages under his belt and more to come, Olly currently resides in the Middle East where he is learning a new language, but ... Read More »

Linguist Interview with Kieran Maynard

Introduction: Kieran is a passionate language learner and student of linguistics. He has spent the last few years of his life gaining extended experience in writing, editing, and translation and is particularly passionate about East Asian culture. His has an extensive résumé, and he is eager to continue helping others to reach their language-learning goals as he continues to study ... Read More »

Interview with Aryn of Driftwood and Daydreams

Introduction: Meet Aryn. She is a self-described polyglot with an everlasting wanderlust. Her childhood passion for the world came into fruition once she got the opportunity to study abroad then ultimately a chance to take an internship in China. Soon thereafter, she began to write. She currently resides in Hawaii where she continues to pursue her travel passions. Without further ... Read More »