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Mexican Independence Day in Lafayette

A new learning experience… Well, last Sunday I went to a local mercado in Lafayette to take part in a celebration of Mexican Independence. Before going, I knew very little of what the independence was about or what the significance of this particular day, which was September 15th. I asked a few people, but most just said it was Mexican ... Read More »

Cordovan Love Notes

Expressions of Love From the streets of Córdoba, España The Spanish are typically known for being some of the more warm and romantic people. I especially noted that when talking about aspects of Spanish hospitality. Outside of that though, Spanish tend to be very expressive when it comes to love and passion. They can be dramatic at times, but would ... Read More »

Sant Joan de les Abadesses

Un pueblo de La Ruta del Ferro, Alberg Ruta del Ferro, El Monestario, y Count Arnau Sant Joan de les Abadesses Sant Joan es un pueblo que está muy cerca de la ciudad Ripoll. Hay cuentos que dicen que Sant Joan es un nucleo de las origéns de la cultura Catalana.  El monasterio en Sant Joan es un de las ... Read More »

Día de San Juan

Noche de San Juan en Almería España The Spanish… siempre buscando para las fiestas If you like parties and passing a good time, then Spain is a place for you. Spanish people are notorious for their late night dinners and festivities. In fact, aquí en España, an early dinner is around 9:30-10 pm (21:30-22:00). Spaniards usually take a few hours ... Read More »

Que hacer en Nueva Orleans

Cosas para hacer en Nueva Orleans, Luisiana Este artículo es acerca de la ciudad de Nueva Orleans, Luisiana y que hacer en Nueva Orleans.  La ciudad de Nueva Orleans es muy famosa por varias razones.  Principalmente, Nueva Orleans es famosa a causa de la conexión entre los poderes coloniales europeos y el mundo nuevo.  Nueva Orleans era, y todavía es, ... Read More »